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The ProExtender Male Enlargement Size Device is one of the most sought-after devices for increasing length and girth. It has been used by over 500,000 users worldwide as a natural, safe alternative to surgical procedures. The device works through a mechanical traction by stretching the penis, encouraging cell division and tissue growth. This helps to increase the size of the penis permanently without any side effects or pain.

The ProExtender system is easy and convenient, with no time-consuming visits to a clinic or doctor’s office required. Unlike surgical procedures that can put you at health risk and take weeks off your sex life, the ProExtender system doesn’t require a hospital stay. It also provides an all-natural enlargement mechanism to get much better results than drugs or topical treatments. When combined with exercises, proper diet, and adequate rest, you can look forward to longer-lasting gains in both length and girth within weeks.

Benefits of ProExtender

The ProExtender System is a revolutionary device designed to benefit men in numerous ways. One of the main benefits is that it can help increase both penis length and girth, as measured by one study, with average increases of 24% for length and 19% for girth. Additionally, ProExtender was found to be effective at correcting curved penises caused by Peyronie’s Disease.

Apart from the size gains experienced with use of ProExtender System, many men also report enhanced performance during intercourse; these improvements might include heightened feelings of pleasure along with stronger orgasms experienced by both partners. These unique results are achieved through adjustable traction levels and an ergonomic design perfect for comfortable long-term wear. All in all, ProExtender offers an incredible array of benefits to men who want to make the most out of their intimate lives.

The People Behind ProExtender

The ProExtender System has been a popular penis extension device since its development by a doctor in 1994. Originally, it was created to correct unusual penis shapes without invasive surgery. However, the ProExtender System proved so successful and easy to use; it was eventually made available to the public. The sexual health community turned out to be very receptive to it as its medical roots gave users more confidence in its efficacy.

Today, ProExtender is part of the Leading Edge Health product lineup. A name that’s famous among those who are passionate about exploring sexual health hacks. The company provides customers with state-of-the-art products that have been instrumental in taking personal sexual health care up a notch. With a strong background in medicine, you can trust Leading Edge Health products like ProExtender to help you achieve your goals safely and efficiently.

How Does the ProExtender Work?

The ProExtender is a revolutionary device that uses the traction method to aid men in their quest for longer and thicker penis size. The theory behind the device is based around a process called 'mitosis', which involves the cells in your penis dividing and increasing in length, resulting in an increase of both length and girth. As more research has been conducted into penis enlargement methods, this traction technique has gained more medical credibility; for example, a 2008 clinical trial found that when test subjects were given a ProExtender-type device to use for six months, they noted average increases of 2.3 cm (1 inch) to their erect length.

These incredible results have seen the traction device become increasingly more accepted as an alternative penis enlargement solution over surgical procedures; many leading physicians now prescribe such devices to men who wish to achieve greater size without having to undergo surgery. With its scientific backing and high success rate, it's not surprising that many men are giving extenders like this ProExtender a try – particularly aided by its relative affordability compared to costly surgeries, with no associated health risks or downtime.

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