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Semenax is a 100% natural semen volumizing formula. It’s made with 18 extracts that “feed” the male reproductive system for larger, more intense orgasms. This formula is clinically proven to increase semen volume by 20%. With results starting in 2 weeks. Increasing Semen Volume Boosting Orgasm Intensity Improving Ejaculatory Control Clinically Proven Formula 67-Day, Money-Back Guarantee

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Regular price $59.95
Sale price $85.00

Increase Your Semen Volume

Can you imagine enjoying bigger orgasms… every time you climax?

Well, no matter your age… that’s what Semenax was designed to do for you.

This 100% natural semen volumizing formula works by “feeding” the male reproductive system... for producing BIGGER orgasms… virtually on-demand!

Sounds too good to be true?

Don’t take my word for it.

See the proof for yourself by reading the clinical study results below

Clinically Proven to Increase Semen Volume By 20%

It’s easy to make a claim… anyone can do it.

But the truth comes out in clinical studies.

That’s why we put this formula to the test… to prove Semenax really works.

We shelled out a small fortune to run Semenax in a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study (which is the gold standard of medical research).

This study started in 2011 with 63 male volunteers (between the ages of 30 and 60) and lasted for 2 months.

The results were mind-blowing…

You see, the volunteers were split into two groups (one group supplementing with Semenax and the other group getting a placebo).

When the study was over, researchers

compared before-and-after results… and…

... the difference was stunning!

As you could have guessed, the placebo group saw no improvement.

For the Semenax volunteers, it was a different story.

That’s because the Semenax group saw their semen volume increase by 20%... and higher!

But that’s not all…

The researchers also measured the levels of orgasm intensity. And what they discovered next was breathtaking...

Some Customers Have Seen Their Semen Volume DOUBLED

You don’t have to suffer days without ejaculating to “build-up” your semen volume.Nope.

Not anymore.

That’s because Semenax is clinically proven to increase semen volume... naturally… even if you orgasm every day!

Just take Semenax daily, and you could start enjoying bigger orgasms… every time you climax.

Look. It doesn’t matter how old you are.

And you don’t have to “save up” for days to release larger orgasms.

That’s because Semenax works regardless of your age or how often you cum.

So when can you start seeing visual results?

Great question!

Many Semenax customers start noticing a volume increase in just 2 weeks.

Results Starting In Just 2 Weeks

Sorry to disappoint… but you won’t see overnight results with Semenax. That’s not how it works.

But you could see results in just 2 weeks.

Imagine that. In just two weeks… releasing larger, more impressive loads of semen… that look and feel amazing - to both you and your partner.

All in just 2 weeks!

But the results keep getting better…

The longer you take Semenax… the larger your load size becomes.

Your satisfaction is our guarantee. Which means…

You can boost your load size with Semenax without risking a dime!

Try Semenax RISK-FREE 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee

Do you know why Semenax comes with a generous money-back guarantee?

Besides being respected as the top-dog in the semen-boosting industry over 15 years…

Aside from truck-loads of positive testimonials written by satisfied customers (just like you)...

The real reason why Semenax is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee is simple. It’s because this formula is clinically proven to increase semen volume.

The bottom line: It’s proven to work!

And it could work for you. But you got to try it.

And by the way, you won’t find cheap knock-offs and gimmicks giving away risk-free guarantees. No sir.

But with Semenax, you have the opportunity to “test drive” this volume-pumping formula without risking a dime.

The Semenax Formula is 100% Natural with 18 Semen Volumizing Extracts

Semenax is not a single-ingredient supplement.

That’s because we’ve harnessed the power of load-boosting synergy... by combining eighteen natural volume-enlarging extracts... into just one, simple, daily formula.

Each extract was chosen carefully, backed by mountains of hardcore research.

These powerful extracts have been trusted for centuries (helping men improve sexual function, erection hardness, libido and even male fertility). And recently, the scientific community discovered ...exciting benefits for men seeking larger orgasms.

Because the ingredients selected for Semenax have shown to improve male reproductive health… which ultimately leads to increasing semen volume.

Here’s a peek inside the Semenax formula:

And the good news is… there’s no reported side effects.

Now, to be honest…

Many guys try making their own “Frankenstein” version of Semenax (by ordering the ingredients separately). But that will never work. The “secret sauce” behind the Semenax formula rests heavily on the precise dosage of each ingredient.

Plus… buying each ingredient separately costs a fortune. Which also forces you to swallow a handful of pills every day!

That’s why with Semenax, you actually save money!

It’s simple.

Just 2 pills, twice, daily.

And that’s it.

Increasing your semen volume and boosting orgasm intensity couldn’t be easier.

Semenax Works by “Feeding” the Male Reproductive System

And that is, the male reproductive system contains 3 semen-producing glands.

The 3 glands that produce semen are:

These glands release fluid (which mixes together to create semen) during an orgasm.

The key to enlarging semen volume is increasing the fluid production of each gland. And that’s how Semenax works.

You see, Semenax “feeds” the reproductive system 18-volume-boosting extracts… encouraging these 3 glands to produce more fluid.

The result?

  1. Jaw-Dropping Semen Volume
  2. Multiple Orgasms
  3. Intense Orgasms
  4. Mind-Blowing Pleasure

And that’s why men love Semenax.

But ONLY try Semenax if you’re ready to achieve powerful orgasms... boosting your sexual pleasure into the stratosphere!

Supercharge Your Orgasm Intensity For MAXIMUM Pleasure!

With more semen volume the intensity and pleasure of your orgasms skyrocket.

Basically… more semen volume means:

Climax with Greater Volume and More Force

Bottom line: Orgasms feel better when you’re spurting huge volumes of semen

And that’s a BIG reason why men love supplementing with Semenax.

The feeling of releasing a visually impressive cum shot not only LOOKS amazing… but FEELS incredible too.

You might even start experiencing the best orgasms of your life.

And remember, results could start in just 2 weeks!

A lot of guys struggle with weak orgasms that “dribble” out. These smaller finishes leave men unsatisfied. And worst of all…

Guys feel embarrassed (or even ashamed) when their partner is not impressed with a few tiny drops of semen.

Thankfully, you now know about Semenax!

Semenax was designed to increase semen volume.

Remember, the key for increasing volume has to do with 3 special glands in the male reproductive system. The Semenax formula “nourishes” these glands… stimulating fluid production... for releasing bigger orgasms.

This formula is clinically proven to work and backed by tons of positive customer testimonials.

It’s 100% natural with no side-effects.

Achieving results is simple, fast and easy!

And when you supplement with Semenax daily... you could begin increasing your semen volume…

...in as little as 2 weeks!

Your sex life will be a thrill ride!

Don’t hesitate…

Fun and exciting sex is just around the corner… and remember…

Trying Semenax is risk-free with our rock-solid, money-back guarantee.

Grab a fresh supply today… you got nothing to lose… and everything to gain!

100% Satisfaction No Risk, 67-Day, Money-Back GUARANTEE!

We can’t promise that Semenax will help double your volume overnight… but…

We can promise your satisfaction.

The Semenax formula is clinically proven to increase semen volume.

Which means?

Semenax works!

That’s why we’re confident giving away such a generous guarantee.

So go ahead and order Semenax today.

P.S. Here’s just a few more exciting testimonials

P.P.S. Along with your risk-free money-back guarantee… you can also receive EXTRA SAVINGS… FREE BONUS GIFTS and… FREE SHIPPING on select packages. Scroll up now to place your order today!

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Unlike other male enhancement supplements, each ingredient in Semenax® capsules has been scientifically studied and backed as being safe for consumption. The unique ingredients and carefully-regulated doses provide the best absorption and utilization by the body without the risk of adverse side effects.

Swedish Pollen Flower

This herbal ingredient works to reduce inflammation and regulate prostate function by reducing blood cholesterol levels and lessening blood plasma lipid levels. As a result, blood flow increases, regulating erectile function. In addition, Swedish Pollen Flower improves overall mood and functioning, which allows for increased libido.

L-Arginine HCL

This is an amino acid that aids in the production of proteins in the body. It converts into nitric oxide, which helps relax the blood vessels. As a result, more oxygen circulates throughout the body, increasing blood flow to the penis. This allows for larger, harder, and longer erections.


Similar to L-Arginine HCL, L-Lysine is a protein-building amino acid. It reduces the levels of lipoprotein-a (LPA), which causes plaque build-up within arteries, specifically in the penis. By removing this build-up, L-Lysine allows for greater blood flow to the penis and produces better, more sustainable erections.

Additionally, L-Lysine has been shown to reduce anxiety, which inadvertently increases sex drive.

Epimedium Leaf

Also known as Horny Goat Weed, this ingredient is primarily included because it contains the active ingredient, Icariin, which helps to inhibit blockages of the dilation of the arteries within the penis. Therefore, Epimedium Leaf allows for better blood flow to the penis, creating better, stronger erections.

Butea Superba

A herb native to Thailand, Butea Superba is renowned for its potential health benefits. Revered for centuries in traditional medicine, this botanical marvel is gaining attention for its purported aphrodisiac and testosterone-boosting properties. Butea Superba is believed to enhance male vitality and address issues related to sexual wellness. Rich in flavonoids and phytochemicals, it is thought to stimulate blood flow, supporting reproductive health. Additionally, some users claim improvements in energy levels and overall well-being.

Zinc Oxide

In addition to improving overall mental health, Zinc Oxide has been shown to increase testosterone levels. This allows for better overall sexual functioning and has been shown to prolong the period of time spent both thrusting and ejaculating. As a result, Zinc enables men to obtain and keep erections, which increases the pleasure experienced when orgasms occur.


This amino acid increases the natural energy levels and improves one’s mood, both of which are factors that lead to an increased libido. It is also shown to have many of the same effects as testosterone and works to improve all aspects of erectile function without affecting the size of the prostate.

Catuaba Bark

Known under many different names, this is an herb that is effective only when the bark is used. It can heighten male arousal and increase sexual desire. Additionally, it also treats symptoms of erectile function because it works to aid in the development and maintenance of erections.

Pumpkin Seed

Pumpkin seeds are widely considered to be one of nature’s best aphrodisiacs. Rich in Zinc, Magnesium, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, and other nutrients, they work to enhance the benefits of other supplemental ingredients and ensure a healthy prostate. Pumpkin Seeds also assist in relaxation and allow for better regulated bodily functions.


Also known as Peruvian ginseng, the root of the Maca plant is scientifically proven to increase the sex drives in men and women alike. In addition, it is known to increase the quality of sperm in men who are both healthy and infertile by increasing the volume, count, and motility of the semen.

Vitamin E

This vitamin is known to increase testosterone levels. As a result, penile function improves, sex drive and stamina increase, and overall pleasure is heightened.

Zinc Aspartate

Functioning similarly to Zinc Oxide, Zinc Aspartate also works to treat symptoms of erectile dysfunction by improving natural testosterone levels, libido, and stamina.

Pine Bark Extract

Research shows that this active ingredient works to relax the blood vessels and reverse any damage caused by inflammation of the vessels. Furthermore, Pine Bark Extract aids in the production of nitrogen, which increases blood flow to any previously-restricted vessels and aids in the ability to obtain an erection.

Muira Puama

High levels of Muira Puama have been shown to increase sexual desire in both men and women. Additionally, Muira Puama is known to improve symptoms of erectile dysfunction in men, allowing them to more easily obtain and keep a sustainable erection.

Hawthorn Berry

Like most berries, Hawthorn Berry is packed full of antioxidants that provide an abundance of health benefits that facilitate more energy and a greater sense of relaxation. In addition, Hawthorn Berry is known to reduce inflammation, allowing for greater blood flow to the penis and improve erections.


Cranberries have long been considered an aphrodisiac and are packed with antioxidants and phytochemicals known to improve sexual health. For instance, cranberry supplementation provides an abundant source of vitamins A and C, which allows for an improved immune system, increased blood flow, and proper functioning of the sex glands.

Overall, cranberry supplementation allows the body and immune system to stay healthy and free of infection, which increases natural energy and libido.

Wild Oat Straw

Also known as Avena Sativa, this unique ingredient functions as an aphrodisiac for men by freeing bound testosterone in the body. This increases the amount of testosterone available for use and improves overall sexual function.

Additionally, Wild Oat Straw can heighten stimulation in the nerve endings, particularly in the genital region. This effect increases the pleasure associated with sex.


Like other ingredients found within Semenax, this root works to increase blood flow and boost the libido. Sarsaparilla also contains sterols that act as testosterone within the body. That helps maintain higher levels and increased sexual functioning by improving libido, blood flow, and sperm mobility.

Other Customer Testimonials

Semenax® can put extreme pleasure in your bedroom! Here’s a sample of what guys say about it…

This product works and wonderfully.

As a male in my late forties I was in the decline of my sexual prime and even though I didn't pay much mind to it in the back of my mind it was becoming more of a personal issue. So I began my research into supplements that could help me deal with this issue. I've tried several other products with minimal success then found this one. I decided to order six months worth because of the testimonials of the many customers that use this product. I can proudly confirm that this product works and wonderfully I might add. I took two before I went to bed and I woke up very early the next morning (4:30 to be precise) with a LOT more energy than I normally have. I used to take naps during the middle of the day but those are long gone. My erections have been a lot more frequent and whenever I have sex I can go for long periods of time before I have an orgasmn and even then I recover very quickly just like in my twenties. I highly recommend this product to any man who are skeptical of it's validity. Hell the energy you get from taking this product alone is worth the price but I recommend buying the 6 month supply for a great discount.

Vezito HumphreyCerritos, USA

Semenax Really Works!

Yes, this stuff really does work. I was not ready for the thicker loads, that’s for sure! My volume increased big time within 2-3 days.


They are the best.

Hi everyone I’m barely have less than a week taking semenax and I surprise with the faster result I just can said they are the best....

Luis RodríguezLos Ángeles california

My cup runneth over!

So at 50 I started to see my ejaculation production decrease. I stumbled across leading edge and after reading the reviews and doing some research I purchased 2 bottles. I wasn't sure what to expect so I began to take 2 pills in the morning with breakfast. After a few days I could tell my blood flow increased thus my girth increased. Now my wife of 25 years isn't into intercourse as often as I would like but she does like to please her man. After a week on Semenax I had sex with my wife. I had the most intense climax I have had in years. I felt my ejaculation pulse semen into my wife for what felt like a minute. To say my wife was impressed was an under statement. She exclaimed "My cup runneth over!" Needless to say, like most men I wanted to see my work of art. So, after a few days I had my wife give me a handjob. She right away noticed my girth and went to work. Again, my ejaculation was intense as I pumped semen all over her belly for what felt like a minute. My wife was impressed at the amount I produced and we both smiled. My wife joked " you found a fountain of youth!" I can stay with confidence this stuff really works!

Andy Minneapolis

Today marks my month on the Semenax product.

Today marks my month on the Semenax product and being in my prime at the age 21 and a unconditional, everloving girlfriend to discreetly share the change along this journey I have to say I really didn't think my sex life could get any better but Semenax has COMPLETELY flipped the game on my head. Every climax so far has ended with a hilarious scene of her jaw dropping or the most encouraging comment about today's load. She has definitely been desiring me a lot more, I could say the same and more.

Johany H.

Despite being a person with a disability.

Despite being a person with a disability, I was skeptical at first. As everyone else was. But in simple terms, it works for me.

Jason F.

I order 3 boxes of VigRX and 3 Semenax.

I order 3 boxes of VigRX and 3 Semenax. I finished 1 box of the VigRX and 1 Semenax and my “on demand” erections have improved along with recovery time. I’m 60 years old and now I have a recovery period of 2 hours as opposed to the next day. I noticed an improvement after the first 2 weeks. Leadingedge Health states that you should used VigRX for 90 days to achieve the best results...I’m anxious to experience how much stronger my erection will be after taking the other 2 boxes. I also like the Semenax. I was experiencing “dry” orgasms with dribbles but Semenax has dramatically increased the volume. (In addition to staying hydrated). Try both products...With a money back guarantee there’s nothing to lose but great sex to gain!!!

Edward T.

To begin with I was very skeptical.

To begin with I was very skeptical. I have seen many of these products over the years that say the same thing, but cost 3 times as much and never any proof to back them up. So why this one? Well, people in the profession back it and talk about how well it works on their private lives. So why not give it a try. What do I have to lose? After only 1 month, I noticed a difference in sensitivity and longevity. That this is the real deal!

Tim F.

I was mindblown.

I was mindblown. I never thought using semenax would drastically changed my semen production. I have seen results in only three days.

Reza A.

Semenax works

Semenax works. I have powerful orgasms with many contractions and my load is plentiful. I recover from one orgasm and I can have another soon after.

RalphBaldwin Place, NY

Semenax has COMPLETELY flipped the game on my head

Today marks my month on the Semenax product and being in my prime at the age 21 and a unconditional, everloving girlfriend to discreetly share the change along this journey I have to say I really didn't think my sex life could get any better but Semenax has COMPLETELY flipped the game on my head. Every climax so far has ended with a hilarious scene of her jaw dropping or the most encouraging comment about today's load. She has definitely been desiring me a lot more, I could say the same and more

Johany Hernandez

Works extremely well when used just…

Works extremely well when used just before sex. Haven't used it as a daily supplement. Will have to try that soon.


This product has proven itself for…

This product has proven itself for aiding my body in recovering after each orgasm to produce more seman in short order. I am 69 years and just last weekend had 4 full body orgasms with full ejaculation each in 2 days time. Yea!!


I am very happy with this product…

I am very happy with this product really works very well my orgasms are more abundant and with pleasure I recommend it


This is a product that really works

This is a product that really works. It did take a little time for it to work so be patience. I have four times the amount I had before.


Really works

This product really works I just take one pill a day and I feel much hornier than before and I’m having bigger loads it’s great. Only drawback is I have sex on my mind all the time.


So far

So far, in a couple of days I can see and feel the difference. Hope to improve from here.


I have been using semenax for 3 months…

I have been using semenax for 3 months and I can tell you this product does work. My girlfriend says she can feel herself filling up inside..


I have notice a larger amount of fluid…

I have notice a larger amount of fluid and stronger orgasms. Very happy with it.


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